A Divine Timeout (Thoughts on Snow)

We run. We schedule. We scurry and worry. We multitask. We juggle. We maximize and manipulate our time to propel us further and faster. Sometimes we get going so fast, it seems impossible to stop. It seems like everything is so urgent and nothing can get done without us because we’re such an important cog in such an important machine.

Maybe at our workplace. Mindlessly checking email on my phone because, heaven forbid, I miss something or drop the ball. Next to my husband in bed, I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list.

Maybe in a social or extracurricular circle. Saying yes to events and commitments because I feel like I just should. Compulsive FOMO (fear of missing out) if I’m not there with this group at this place.

Go, go, go. Do, do, do.

And then it snows. And it keeps snowing.

A sugary white frosting covers the Earth. The ground sparkles. The air bites. It builds and builds, slowly and almost imperceptibly, layer upon layer. We watch helpless from the house.

On this Sunday, there is no going or coming. Power is out at church. School and activities are cancelled. On this day, the runaway train of life grinds to a stop.

I couldn’t get to the office if I tried. I can’t even make it out of the driveway. I can’t get together with people. I can’t run errands, essential or non-essential. All I can do is be here, in this dwelling place, with these boys I love.

Today, this ridiculous, non-stop snow is a blessing disguised as an inconvenience.

We have an incredibly large window in our living room. Looking out from this window, I see a row of tall pine trees drooping under the snow’s weight. Snow seals up the diamond-shaped openings in the net of our basketball hoop. Everything is dripping in white; not a surface is untouched. In my heart, I hear:

You move about your days, so busy and quick, but I have the ultimate power to slow you down. I am the One who gives and takes away. I start things and I stop things. I am the Author of creation, and this is all mine.

Why do you submit to the tyranny of the urgent? Don’t you see how it burdens you? You are not a cog; you are My child.

You are letting the world run your life. Let me run the world… and your life.

Unload your anxiety. Please, rest.

Treat this day like a divine pause. Enjoy this respite. Enjoy chasing your toddler and talking with your husband and baking brownies and not brushing your teeth until after lunch.

The snow is like a fresh start from the sky. Reorder your mind. Remember your priorities. Love your people the best you can. Be still and know that you are not in charge of your days; I AM.

I am a beach girl. Winter is not my favorite. But today, I thank God for the snow. I thank Him for knowing when I need a divine pause. For enforcing an involuntary timeout when I won’t voluntarily take one.

I smile at the heavy blanket of stillness outside. Inside, I feel calm and quiet, small and warm.


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